As a blogger for the Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event, I was given complimentary tickets for myself and my husband to attend and our son is under 13, so he was free.  Walking into the expo, I felt immediately overwhelmed by all the vendors and delicious samples.  I was greeted with friendly smiles as I prepared my taste buds to be amazed.  With so many great vendors and samples, I would like to take the opportunity to talk about some of my favorites.  As an ice cream lover, I was excited to see these little frozen bites by Perfectlyfree.  They carry seven flavors to please fruit and savory lovers alike.  I was pleased to try four of their varieties:  blueberry vanilla, cherry vanilla, cocoa vanilla, and salted caramel.  Since they are only 25-30 calories each, I had room to try them all.  Perfectlyfree bites are free of the Big 8 food allergens with all natural and non-GMO ingredients.  The texture is light, almost like sorbet, and very tasty.  My favorite of the four I tried was the salted caramel, though I am pretty positive that mint chocolate would be my favorite if it had been there.  I would definitely recommend this local company from Boston, MA who stands behind its delicious product.  Search their website to see if they sell them at your local grocery store.


Along with products, restaurants from the area were present as well.  My favorite was Burton’s Bar & Grill from South Windsor, CT.  They featured a roasted beet salad and a gluten-free chocolate torte with whipped cream.  This restaurant specializes in vegetarian, gluten sensitive, and Paleo menus.  They even have a Choosy menu for kids where they can pick one item from each food group for their meal.  Both of the samples were delectable, but from my sweet tooth side, I did favor the torte.  It was so moist, gooey, and satisfying.  This restaurant chain was voted #2 by Allergy Eats 2016 Top 10 Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains.  Stop by one in your area and make sure to leave room for dessert.


I was blessed with many great samples to take home from Bakery on Main, Wowbutter, Enjoy Life, Mi Tierra, and Lundberg Family Farms.  Most supermarkets carry these companies products and always check their website out to see which are closet to you.  My family and I have been enjoying our take-home samples.  The Wowbutter has been a favorite with some jelly on a sandwich.  One almost forgets it’s not peanut butter!  The Bakery on Main granola has been delicious on top of yogurt parfaits and the Mi Tierra organic corn tortillas made delicious tacos.  All these companies should be commended for their passions to make great tasting and healthy products that can be enjoyed by those on gluten-free diets.