Life will always send hard times, but why do we feel the need to hide them?  Maybe we fear hurting the people we love most or we don’t know how to share our struggles.  I have had many downs just like the next person and have let others tell me how I should feel.  By never letting myself be me, I never felt anything real.  I hid my true feelings along with my personality.  Others’ opinions molded my identity and covered over the person God made me to be.  Satan tricked me, lied to me, and hurt me through those I love.  He brought me to a breaking point where I could have died.  He still fights to bring me back into his prison everyday.

Now I know not everyone has been to such an extreme, but we have all been down.  We hide from God when we think we know better.  God is always there waiting for us to come to him.  Prayer is the only way to keep the enemy out of our heads.  Satan will fight against us until he wins.  The difference is that God fights for us.  He loves us and wants us to be happy.  When we let God in, the world doesn’t seem so hard.  We are less likely to cling to our pride, failures, and worldly attachments.

God wants us to need him.  He is there for us when we are hurting or scared.  Satan twists our need for God into shame and uses our pain to hurt us more.  He wants us to hide from God and blame ourselves.  Of course we are not perfect, but Satan tells us we are not worthy of God’s love and forgiveness.  God will always love and forgive us.  Satan will continue to be our enemy and want to cause us pain.  We may still have hard times in life, but God can make it easier to power through and feel stronger in the end.