Everyday we have a choice to start over.  This concept is where the name of the new blog came from.  Each day we can try to be different, more of ourselves, and learn from past mistakes.  I also really like cooking.  We are given a blank canvas to use with our own creativity.  We have all the tools necessary to create recipes that will enhance life through unique flavors.

By looking into the cabinets of our souls, spices exist that can be dusted off and added to our everyday lives.  These spices may be rare, yet they may be exactly what is lacking.  Sometimes all it takes is one ingredient to change everything.  When recipes are tweaked and new things are tried, different results will be achieved.  Every ingredient is important, just as each of us has a part in this world.

Be the person you were made to be, not who the world forces you to conform to.  There is no perfect mold to fill.  We are each completely unique, but totally beautiful.