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I received a link to preview the film, The Student Body, compliments of Word Films and Edify Media Inc. for my honest review. This film is a documentary about two young high schoolers who battle against the government and their unjust weight standards for school children as young as kindergartners. These two brave women step up for their fellow students and make a stand against the hypocrisy of mandatory school BMI testing. One of the students, Bailey Webber, documents their journey to fight for justice as a beginning journalist.

The story behind this documentary is full of heart. This film is bold and inspiring unveiling the fallacy of the acceptable BMI number compared to the value of the real human person behind it. After students received a grade of over or underweight, letters were generated and sent home to parents to inform them of the problem. They went so far as to slip the letters in with report cards as if BMI was part of academic achievement.

Ms. Webber goes to the man in charge, Ohio’s State Senator, in order to make her point that grading students based on an arbitrary number is unjust. With each of her interviewees, she asks if they would like to step on the scale for a BMI test just as the students had done. Most of the adults decline her offer. The Senator offers to be weighed, but disagrees with the number on the scale. No one likes to be told they are acceptable or not based on one number. We are all human beings who deserve to be treated with respect.

This film is geared toward preteens and high schoolers but can be enjoyed by all ages. It is truly a story of fighting for what one believes in and it encourages young people to stand up when there is injustice. Do you think a number tells the story of a soul?

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