Most men would probably give their left arm if they could only better understand the woman they love most. For Men Only provides the average man with valuable knowledge about key differences in male and female logic. The book also provides clear simple steps to improve a man’s relationship with his wife.

For Men Only was written as the male counterpart to For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. The book was written using solid independent survey and focus group data. That data provided key insights into the hearts and minds of women.

The book breaks down the fundamental differences of thought processes and needs of women compared to those of men. For Men Only then takes the time to provide simple, concrete steps that men can take to better relate to their wives.

For Men Only is also careful to state that the information may not apply to all women across the board. While survey data is great, it cannot account for everyone. The book examines the overall trend line of how most women think and feel.  It also explains how those thoughts and feelings drive actions.

While thtodo-list-297195_960_720e book is written by Christian authors, it is not heavy-handed. It is certainly not a “pray for a better marriage and place your hope in God” book. References are made to the Bible and to general Christian concepts. However, it is not done in such a way as to be “in your face” with them. Most information in the book is presented without the influence of religion.

For Men Only is also a short read. However, I found that by the time I had finished it, I had taken roughly 15 pages of notes on the book! It may be short, but the book is a wealth of knowledge and actionable tips.

Saying a book will “unlock the mysteries” of women and “fix” one’s relationship would be a lie. If no action is taken based on the book, nothing will change. Knowing one’s wife and being open to change thought processes are required to achieve those ends. It isn’t an automatic thing, but the path is clearly laid out.

Intent to change is the key to making the book successful. Insightful information can be found on nearly every page of For Men Only.  However, it will have no effect on its reader if not put into action. The man reading must be willing to change themselves.

For Men Only is a book that will be eye-opening and potentially life changing for most men. The book carefully breaks down the differences between female and male logic.  It also provides simple tools allowing men to better relate to their female counterparts. In short, it is the man’s guide to the female mind and heart, provided that the man is willing to act on it.