This is both a review and a story of friendship. In 2014 my family went on vacation in Laconia, NH which is in the lake region. As a rule I make it a plan to do practically nothing and to go practically nowhere on a vacation. After all, is it really a vacation if there is a ton of stuff to run around and do?

However, Tanya had discovered a local pancake house that got rave reviews online and I was really excited about going. So one morning Tanya, Linus and I piled into the car and headed over to the Heritage Farm Pancake House in Sanbornton, NH.

The restaurant had a rustic barn and family atmosphere about it. In fact, part of the building was a sugar shack for making maple syrup. There were toys in the upstairs loft seating area to keep Linus amused while the food was being prepared. This made the short wait after ordering a peaceful experience for Tanya and I as well as Linus.

Speaking of the food, it is almost all farm-fresh. The eggs are from the chickens behind the restaurant and the bacon is thick-sliced and from a local smokehouse. The pancakes themselves are about a half an inch thick each and come in about 20 different varieties. The home fries are crispy and well-seasoned. So the meal itself was absolutely incredible. Oh, and of course there is home-made maple syrup to boot!pancakes-576229_960_720

That wasn’t the end of our day that year. We spent time out back with the chickens and other animals. After a while, Rachel Swain whose family owns and operates the pancake house and Heritage Farm stopped by. We got to talking and we became fast friends with her and eventually her entire family as well. So instead of just gaining a favorite restaurant in the area, we had also gained friends.

When we went on vacation in May/June of 2016 it was in Sanbornton, NH. Of course we got together with Rachel and her family, which was tons of fun. Seeing how their family handles meals and the fellowship amongst them really brings joy to the heart.

A few days later, we headed back to the Heritage Farm Pancake House itself. Other than the addition of a player piano on the main floor, the restaurant hadn’t changed a bit. We even sat at the same table we had sat at in 2014. The menu actually had even MORE items on it in order to reflect gluten and allergy sensitive pancake batter.

The food was exactly how I remembered it, crispy thick-cut bacon, giant pancakes, fresh eggs, and sumptuous home fries. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite.

I can’t recommend the Heritage Farm Pancake House enough! The food is great, the staff are wonderful and the Swain family who own the restaurant are some of the nicest people on the planet. Their goal isn’t just to provide food to strangers but to provide food to an extended family and that is exactly how it feels being there!