Originally written on June 20, 2016:

Farm market season has begun! This past Saturday was like getting a Christmas gift in June! Seeing the faces of my farming friends made me feel at home. I felt God guiding me. It has been two years since I have bought my farm yogurt from my “goat lady” since I going dairy-free. I ate some last night and I was in love with our Lord. The Lord has made food good and for us to enjoy. He wants us to be happy. I have been binging and restricting when it comes to much of my life. I need to just taste a little bit of everything and relax in His love.

As I add foods back into my diet, I feel like my digestion has been getting better. During set meal times, except for nights I work, I have tried relaxing and mindfully eating. I even ate a croissant over the weekend. The buttery layers and the way I could squish it up into little balls was intoxicating. After two years of not having fun things to eat (even on occasion), it was such a nice treat.

I have been looking a lot into how French people eat. They eat a little bit of everything, but use high quality ingredients. French women never feel guilty for what they eat or do. As an American, I feel like guilt is everywhere. How and what to eat, where to shop, and how to parent. I am always swimming in guilt. But guilt has not gotten me anything but stomach aches. I am sick of listening to everyone else but God. This blog is about to change for the better, again. My story is about how I found God at my family table through tradition, faith, and love.

Sometimes our family members are our best teachers, if we only listen. What has God taught you at your family table?