Originally written on June 20, 2016:

Food has been fun again. I have been experimenting with adding different foods back into my diet, including gluten and dairy in small amounts. I am somewhat convinced that a lot of my issues were stress, but I am still collecting data. Even if I can only enjoy these foods on occasion without too many repercussions, I would be ever thankful. I could feel normal again. Feeling normal would create less stress. I was so stressed around food that every party made me nervous and any big event would cause me so much anguish. I couldn’t even eat, or didn’t want to. My stomach would be so upset from my emotions that I couldn’t relax and enjoy myself. The next few days I would suffer for it.

I am hoping that being more relaxed around food will help me with these issues. I am experimenting with grass-fed and organic dairy. I would also like to try raw milk or cheese at some point too. In some ways, if I do add some of these things back into my diet, I feel a little guilty. In my revamp, I wanted this blog to be a gluten and dairy-free blog, but what it might turn into is a self-love blog through nourishing foods. I am going to try out sourdough bread and fermenting rice as well. Sprouting legumes is another goal I have. Rooting myself to my ancestors and Christ has been helping my healing process physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Reading, studying, and exploring my heritage background has been assisting my connectedness with myself and the world. What makes you feel connected?