As I read my Aldi flyer, this product was listed under the New Low Price category.  It previously was $5.99, but now was only $4.99.  I had tried it last summer, but since it was on sale, I decided I would give it another go.  I noticed as I peered into the container that it was more liquefied than I recall, but I figured once I put it in the refrigerator it would solidify. It also tasted sweeter than I remembered as well.

I searched through my camera images from last summer to compare it to the new container.  It was no surprise to see that the previous Aldi photo had different nutritional information.  The total calories per serving had decreased by 10, but the amount of sugar increased by 3 grams per serving.  With that, the total carbohydrates went up 2 grams.  The fat content decreased by 2 grams and the ingredient list changed slightly.  It used to contain dry roasted almonds, palm oil, cane sugar, and sea salt.  It now contains almonds, sugar, palm oil, and sea salt.  The order of the ingredients flipped around as well, which usually means that the proportions changed.

The amount of sugar was overpowering to me at 5 grams per serving.  It was too soupy to spread onto my apples and celery even after refrigerating it.  I definitely will stick to my other brand and not buy this again.

Ingredients:  Almonds, Sugar, Palm Oil, Sea Salt.  Contains:  Almonds.