I was a little unsure of this bar, but it really held its own.  I thought it would be overpowering with ginger, but instead, the strong flavor reminded me of the New Grist Ginger Gluten-Free Beer.  This bar is only for fans of ginger since it is exploding with the spice.  It made me want to stop by the liquor store and grab a single of the New Grist to enhance the flavor even more.

The bar only contains 4 grams of sugar and is gluten and dairy-free.  It is very sticky and held together by a honey and sugar syrup.  I particularly didn’t like how my hands felt like I had been playing with glue afterward, but the flavor was worth it.  It lingered in my mouth for minutes following my consumption.  The nuts and crisp rice mixture complimented each other.  The sweetness was soft and delicious.

I was impressed and surprised by this flavor.  Though, I would recommend not eating it on a hot and sticky day, or I suggest bringing it in a cooler to keep it from becoming a mess.


Cashews, almonds, peanuts, chicory root fiber, honey, non GMO glucose, crisp rice, ginger, sugar, spices, soy lecithin.